Saying goodbye...

All good things…

After 7 years of loving being a brick & mortar shop owner here at Time & Again, the signs have pointed me to a decision about the future of the shop.

And so, with the heaviest of hearts, I am announcing that Time & Again’s little store here in Fortville will be closing.

This has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make, and I do not take it lightly.

I started the journey that became Time & Again almost 18 years ago in front of a crappy sewing machine in the playroom of our house where I created little girls' dresses from repurposed pillowcases & aprons for adults & kids. That journey led me to craft shows in & out of state where I met some of the most amazing people who continue to be some of my dearest friends.

And, most importantly, it has led me to you all.

My amazingly supportive & snarky & sassy customers.

It has allowed me to share my creative spirit with others.

It has allowed me to honor my heritage.

It has given me wings.

It has shown me the power of the ampersand (&).

People have often asked me why the ampersand is so pronounced on my logo. For everyone it means something different. To some it’s just an abbreviation for the word “and.”

For me? It’s powerful.

It means there is something else coming. A simple symbol that means that even if you are in a dark place now, there is always something brighter on the horizon. And now it guides me toward the continuation into something else…

The pivot to new adventures…

The “& then” that goes along with so many “ands” in this world.

I am beyond thankful for you all & look forward to seeing you & saying our goodbyes over the coming months.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 12-4

Thursday: 11-5

Friday & Saturday: 10-5

Sunday: Closed

*hours will likely change as we near our final closing date in mid-November


At our shop

we believe

black lives matter

women's rights = human rights

no human is illegal

science is real

love is love

diversity makes us stronger

We are The Roses

The faces behind Time & Again...

Hi, I'm Allison Rose. The nerdy one with the glasses on her head at the bottom....trying desperately to get my beautiful family within frame with my tiny arms while selfie-ing.

I started Time & Again when that gorgeous girl was 2. She inspired me to start repurposing and rescuing vintage linens that I transformed into pillowcase dresses and other sweet things that I sold at craft shows throughout the Midwest.

In 2016, one of my best friends had a shop in downtown Fortville and told me that there was a space about to open up. That if I EVER thought about doing a retail shop, NOW is the time. That's when the brick & mortar started.

Originally started as a shop with all handmade items, it has morphed into a reflection of my sassy and sweary personality and includes so many of the things that make me happy. Childhood memories? Yep. Sweary and flowery things? Sure! Fun and random things! Absolutely!

I hope you will browse for a while and giggle at a few things too. And if you're ever in the Indy area, Fortville is a hop, skip and a jump from the loop and so worth the trip!

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xo - Alli