Hipster Coloring Book

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Did you like coloring books before they were cool? You might be a hipster!

  • 30 bohemian designs to fill with your favorite colors
  • 9 finished examples from Thaneeya to encourage your creativity
  • Beginner-friendly so there is no need for special skills
  • Guide to basic art techniques like patterning, shading, and color theory
  • High-quality paper is extra-thick and rated to last 200 years
  • Resists bleed-through, standing up to markers, gel pens, watercolors, and more
  • Perforated pages for easy removal and display
  • One-side only designs with inspiring quotes on the back to accompany each page


Enter a world of creative self-expression with this quirky coloring book for grownups!

Coloring and patterning are relaxing, meditative activities that encourage self-expression, sending you on a creative adventure to a magical and happy place! Inside this book, you'll find a fun, artistic experience—a creative way to relax, brighten your mood, and lift your spirits.

This isn't just a coloring book—it's also an invitation to play with doodles, shapes, and patterns! Each ready-to-color line drawing has plenty of space for you to let your imagination run wild! Inside Hipster Coloring Book, popular coloring book artist Thaneeya McArdle gets you started with beautifully colored examples along with advice on coloring and patterning techniques like shading and blending.

Inside this Design Originals coloring book you'll find 30 fun and easy art activities to express your cute hipster aesthetic. From obsolete technologies to ironic facial hair, the Hipster Coloring Book offers a fun artistic experience and a creative way to relax, without any need for special skills or effort. Take a trip down memory lane with groovy animals, Polaroid pictures, guitars, cassette tapes, flowers, funky mustaches, ironic glasses, and much more, all waiting to be colored to life!

This adult coloring book is perfect for decorating with any of your favorite coloring implements—markers, gel pens, watercolors, crayons, brush pens, or colored pencils. Designed to eliminate bleed-through, each page is acid-free, archival-grade, and perforated for easy removal and display. Every illustration is printed on one side only, so you don't have to decide which designs to color and which to sacrifice! On the back of each page, you'll find an inspiring quote with plenty of space to write a reflection or a note for gift-giving.

Use the vintage designs inside Hipster Coloring Book as a launching pad to spark your creativity and unleash your inner artist. Happy art making!