Vintage Icons Coloring Book

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Retro templates to create something amazing!

  • 32 vintage designs like jukeboxes, gramophones, telephones, and lighthouses to pattern and color
  • Stunning gallery packed with more than 50 examples of completed designs
  • Beginner-friendly tips on coloring, patterning, shading, and more
  • 8 tangling patterns to get you started, step-by-step illustrations, and suggestions for designing your own patterns
  • Inspiring quotes on the back of each design, along with a note about the design, and a few lines of space to write and reflect
  • One-side-only patterns so you don't have to decide which designs to use and which to sacrifice
  • Perforated pages detach easily, either to draw on a different surface or after you're done for gifting or display

Create your own amazing tangled art with these ready-to-use artistic templates for classic icons!

TangleEasy Vintage Icons is packed with designs that run the cultural gamut from conventional Victorian to hipster cool, including a tea set, tugboat, cassette tape, Volkswagen Beetle, lantern, carousel horse, diving helmet, and more. Use these timeless designs for simple coloring enjoyment or fill them with tangles and other patterns to make your own Zentangle-inspired masterpiece.

Doodling isn't just for kids anymore! Drawing, doodling, and coloring can help adults to release stress and encourage mindfulness, focus, and relaxation. Inside this patterning and coloring book for grown-ups, you'll find expert advice on techniques, including adding color, an introduction to color theory, color palette suggestions, simple patterning suggestions, and shading. You'll also find advice on mixing patterns, step-by-step instructions for eight tangles to get you started, and advice for designing your own patterns. A gorgeous gallery of 57 finished pieces offers inspiration for your own creations, including simple, mixed, and dense styles of tangling, and accenting with color.

This template book for both coloring and Zentangle (R) pattern drawing provides a balance between ordinary coloring books that offer only limited artistic freedom for patterning, and completely blank sketchbooks that might offer too much unstructured freedom, leaving you uncertain where to start. The simple outlines for each design in this book provide you with a starting point to decorate with your own flair, without stifling your creativity.